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Reiki can be learned by anyone.  A first degree Reiki class consists of 4 consecutive day parts of ca. 3 hours.

Reiki I course

A first degree Reiki course will enable you to to give Reiki to yourself and to other people.
In the first degree course you will be taught about the history of Reiki, how to give a Reiki treatment to other people and to yourself and you will receive 4 attunements (one per day part). This will enable the Reiki energy to flow again.

The price of a first degree Reiki course is € 150.


Planning of English Reiki I courses: 


January 2020 

9 January t/m 12 January 2020

Thursday 9 en Friday 10 January from 19.30u - 22.00u. 

Saturday and Sunday 11 en 12 January from 9.30u - 12.30u.

Location: Stadhouderslaan 9, Den Haag

Price: € 150.

If you would like to participate in a Reiki I course, or would like information about future courses,
please get in touch via Contact.

Reiki II course 

For people who have been practicing the first degree of Reiki for a minimum of 12 months, it is possible to deepen the practice of Reiki by following a Reiki II course.
In this course you will receive the second degree attunement, will be taught about and the application of the Reiki symbols, the absolute and relative universe and how to give a distant Reiki treatment and the mental treatment.  

A second degree course is taught in 3 day parts of 3 hours. The price for a Reiki II course is  € 500.


If you are interested in a Reiki II course, please get in touch via Contact.


Planning Reiki II courses: 


January 2020 

29 January - 2 January 2020

Wednesday 29 January (19.30 - 21.00u) and Saturday and Sunday morning 1 and 2 February 
(10.00 - 13.00u).


Location: Stadhouderslaan 9, Den Haag

Price: € 500.

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